Why did you choose to do altitude training?
For me altitude training is a valuable training asset / advantage that allows me to improve and tune my fitness and performance.  

What do you like about it?
Altitude training helps me maximize my training schedule and limited training time. I like that I can access the same training protocols, techniques and technology world class athletes use.  

What method (passive or active) did you choose to use and why?
Primarily I do active altitude sessions using the supplied Watt Bikes for both high intensity and endurance intervals. Doing these sessions at altitude allows me to work at higher intensities without necessarily having to increase muscular loading on my legs.

I’ve also utilized passive altitude training sessions to maintain fitness levels when injured. A passive session allows me to maintain aerobic loading on my body when injury prevents me from achieving this through normal means.       

How has it impacted your training, racing or health?
Regular altitude training sessions have allowed me to train and race smarter and harder. Within the first few weeks I noticed improvements in my time to exhaustion on the bike as well as increased fitness. I attribute altitude training with recent gains in race results and a strong performance at age group world championship events.  

Was there anything that surprised you that maybe you were not expecting to come from the sessions you did?
Running immediately post altitude training sessions I’m able to hold a faster pace for less perceived effort. Allowing me to explore the upper limits of my fitness and pace. 

-Stephen Morris, Triathlete