Altitude Training, Auckland

Let me start with saying our bodies are very clever. Especially when exposed to low oxygen environments ie: altitude training. When training at altitude or with high powered Hypoxicator machines as shown in this video, the body recognises it has less oxygen than normal. It is this struggle that sets off a range of adaptions that get the wheels turning towards a host of physiological changes that enhance the efficiency of the body's respiratory, cardiovascular and oxygen carrying systems.

Applying this type of training, your body will work much more efficiently resulting in having more energy at sea level. OR if in the case of preparing for altitude trekking to destinations like Kilimanjaro , Base camp Everest, Machu picchu the body is more in tune and prepared for the low oxygen environments, resulting in a better experience all round.

In addition to the benefits explained above, high altitude training ramps up your metabolic rate resulting in more calories burned during and greater fat stores burned post session. It is called  the EPOC effect (excess post oxygen consumption effect) When training at simulated altitude, we don't have as much oxygen that our muscles can utilise resulting in more cardiovascular loading (increased heartrate) even at resting level.

We are all unique, but research leans on at least 2 x altitude training sessions per week for about 6 weeks to show breakthrough results. Benefits are greater fitness levels, faster recovery, weight loss, better sleep and assertiveness.

Altitude training is for everybody regardless of if you want to lose weight, recover from injury, increase your velocity of speed. Its definitely worth a go.

Free Intro sessions available.