Hypoxic altitude training gets results, whatever your goals


Hypoxic altitude training gets results, whatever your goals


Success Stories

From improving race times to reducing asthma, altitude training offers powerful benefits for everyone.


What Our Clients Say

Thanks for your help in getting us through our Kilimanjaro adventure. We both enjoyed the marathon and climb, and we successfully summited. We saw plenty of others in a bad way, and very much appreciated our training and the slow ascent.
— Tracy and Jo
Wanted to let you know I succeeded in climbing Kilimanjaro. I am positive my time spent using the altitude machine paid off…my guide with 21 years experience and + 500 summits said several times he had never encountered anyone that coped so well with the high altitude.
My team of porters nicknamed me “Cammando”, so impressed were they with how comfortable I was throughout the entire trek.
So a big thankyou for the rental of your machine and I will be sure to use one again if/when I decide to give another big mountain a go!
— Gael
We had a fantastic time trekking in Nepal. The Nepalese are so friendly and great scenery!More primitive than expected.

Fitness wise: FANTASTIC! No worries at all. We spread the “Walter Thorburn breathing technique” to all around us. It worked a treat . And we still use it of course.

Thanks so much Walter for your input to Jo and I. Your enthusiasm was infectious. Pity to stop.
— Derek & Jo